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Do more than you are paid to do. That is where you make your contribution and increase your level of satisfaction in life.

Having the right people in your team is the start to unlocking other great outcomes.

The Quality of your internal capability, which include the competency levels of your staff, is critical for the effective implementation of strategy and overall organisational growth. The PNG University of Technology is heading in the right direction under this current Leadership Team (Council and Management under the Vice Chancellor - Associate Professor Ora Renagi OL).

Sir Richard Branson said customers don't come first, your people do. I resonate with Sir Richard Branson, for any strategic intervention for strategic organisational transformation or business growth/expansion, the right people always deliver the right results. The moto at DEIRUK is - "Sustained Excellence in People and Organisational Performance"

Having the right people in your team is the start to unlocking other great outcomes.

If you do the right things, You get the right results. Our partnership with the PNG University of Technology has been very fruitful.

Step 1 - Have a Plan. Step 2 - Ensure you are adequately resourced for successful implementation of your plan. Step 3 - Ensure all the great ideas you have implemented are sustainable. Without Step 1, we have stagnation. Without Step 2, Step 1 can be frustrated. Without Step 3, Steps 1 and 2 can be wasteful and short-lived.

The strategic asset in organisations that can transform a mediocre company to a great company is people - the right people. An engaged workforce that consistently apply discretionary effort to deliver on their duties and responsibilities, will continue to increase performance of the organisation they work in.

If your recruitment process is fraud, no amount of training will change the person.